kohBusinesses are popping up left and right nowadays. Those businesses are typically small businesses that have little money to begin with. Hiring an accountant seems expensive and out-of-the-question for small businesses. However, K Cloud Accounting is offering a new, innovative accounting solution to help small businesses manage their money.


K Cloud Accounting, owned by KOH Management, offers you a cloud accountant in Singapore. The firm uses Xero Accounting Software which allows you 24/7 access to your cashflow figures, simple invoicing, the ability to operate your business from any location, and the ability to work with the professionals with K Cloud Accounting.


Don’t let your small business suffer. If you need an accountant, find an affordable cloud accountant with K Cloud Accounting. For more information, or to get started today with a cloud accountant in Singapore, visit SHKOH.com.sg.  You can also call (65)62569663 or email tommyksh@shkoh.com.sg.