heflo1Your business requires you to complete certain tasks to complete your work. But did you know that some of the more mundane tasks can actually be automated, freeing you up to spend time growing your business?


A workflow management system can help free up your time and get all of you work completed! In this article, you will learn what processes these systems can automate and how Heflo could be the perfect solution to your workflow processing system.



Freeing up your time is of vital importance. How can you further grow your business or improve your product or service if you’re overseeing or completing tasks that are simple, yet vital to your company?


One process you can automate is the employee welcome and integration process. You can use a workflow system to send messages and complete processes that will make your new employees acclimate to their jobs in no time.

Payment processing and ordering is possibly one of the most important thing your company needs to produce revenue and continue operation. A workflow system can help you by limiting waste or item shortages. You can order, check an item’s availability, purchase, and ship it!


Do you or your employees travel a lot? Instead of having them submit a travel request through paper or via email, automate the process. This will cut down on confusion. The employee will need to fill out an application, have it approved, complete flight and hotel bookings, and receive an advance and validation for their travel expenses.


In general, an automated system can put your workflow online and can help you plan out a process from start to finish.


To help you better understand how these automated systems work, here is an example.


Say you own a business that makes custom t-shirts. After spending a few minutes creating an automated process in your system, you can assign duties to different members of your team easily. For example, you can start by assigning an employee who works in the sales department to filling out a form that includes a customer’s name and request for their custom shirt. You can then assign other processes from designing the shirt to creating it to different members of your team.


The responsibility would shift between your team members, but you would know exactly where the process was and who is working on what. Simple, right?



If automating your processes sounds like a viable solution, you should consider using Heflo for your workflow automation needs. The company provides an online system that allows business owners like you to do the processes listed above and so much more!


You should automate your processes with Heflo because it is an efficient and intuitive tool that allows you to:

  • Complete business process automation, or BPA, by clicking on diagrams and elements.
  • Create forms and an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Define the users and their responsibilities in a process.
  • Automate processes and allow or process-related chats between users.
  • Access it from anywhere and on any device.
  • Cut down on installation, updates, and backups because it is cloud-based.
  • Create interface layout that is compatible on multiple devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Use a number of ready-to-automate processes.

The system is ideal for managers and business owners alike because it is easy to understand and designed for those who look for excellence in the automation of business processes.


It is free for you to register with Heflo, and you will receive 20 already created processes to get you started on automating your business. The free version of the system allows you to model processes using BPMN and generates a PDF for documentation. It is great for those who are just starting out in business process management.

The professional package is $10 per user per month and is billed annually. It includes all of the features of the free plan and can also generate forms and control process execution. It also allows for process publishing and feedback sending.



There are so many benefits to automating your business processes. Get started with your process automation today with Heflo.


For more information, or to get started with process automation in your company today, visit Heflo.com to fill out a contact form. You can also email talkto@heflo.com or call +55 11 3213 1325. The company can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.