scamIn the past decade, the American government has faced a surge of criticism, which has led to a number of controversial and troubling discoveries, many of which the average American has no knowledge of.


Federal income tax is deducted from every tax-paying Americans check, but is the Federal Reserve, the division responsible for conducting the nation’s monetary system, a part of the government? What is the true value of the American dollar, and do we even need tax money to operate the government? These are some of the troubling questions many Americans can’t answer.


Luckily, a new documentary-style film, “Grand Scam” is looking to shed light on these controversies and expose several facts about the government that it may not want you to know. Director Lee Librado and the documentary team made a commitment to making this information known, but it is up to you to quench your thirst for the truth when the documentary airs.


The principal behind the film was to use a time-honored and trusted communication medium, film, to showcase the biggest financial crime committed against Americans, and it all centers around big business, big media, and big government.


Librado is no stranger to the screen. Masterfully controlling complex storylines that nearly blur the lines between entertainment and education, Librado is responsible for “The Original 7ven,” a story which follows the musical group created by the late great singer Prince. He also directed”Latin Legends,” a documentary that follows the lives of six of the greatest Latin fighters of all time.


There is no doubt that Librado will be able to boast the same accolades for “Grand Scam.”


The film features a number of experts, including Dave Champion, who hosted a radio and television show called “The Dave Champion Show” which exposed the truth about some of the biggest lies Americans have ever been told. Champion’s experience comes from an impressive 15-year sting as a consultant on federal and state regulatory matters and the author of “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths,” making him a trusted expert in the field.


John Lochow is another expert featured in the film. This world-wide business leader, philanthropist, war veteran, and entrepreneur is now the CEO of several start-up businesses that are making a mark on the cybersecurity, telecommunications, and corporate communications fields.


The film also uses appearances from a number of accomplished businessmen, including Eddie Craig, host of Rule of Law radio show. Craig has spent years researching government statues and laws, including the “ad valorem” property tax which affected his own mother in the mid-90s. In particular, Craig has spent the last 11 years flipping through Texas codes like the Transportation code.


The continued study of these laws and statues, and the expert knowledge from business owners and truth seekers has no doubt uncovered the biggest lie told to Americans.

To watch the “Grand Scam” trailer, visit The documentary will be available for download on iTunes the first week of December 2017. You can also visit them on Facebook or why not check out their Youtube channel