reubenReuben Signh is the CEO of alldayPA, a telephone answering service in Salford Quays that opened in September of 2014. Only seven months after it opened, the company has created new jobs in the area.


Reuben Signh and the company were recognized by the mayor in 2015 for their work. Signh started his career at 19 when he founded a fashion accessories chain. It was sold in 1999 when alldayPA was founded. He has been recognized as the “British Bill Gates” and has one the entrepreneur of the year award three years in a row.


Signh’s company has been providing call answering services to UK businesses since 1999. They have worked for clients in areas such as legal services, human resources, information technology, and property management. For the past nearly two decades, the service has answered more than 125 million calls for more than 23,000 UK businesses.