bfAccounting and finances are difficult to track. So much so that everyday Joe’s and small businesses typically run to accountants for help with their finances. Hiring private accountants can cost a fortune, and accountants don’t generally pay for themselves after a few visits. Instead of hiring an expensive accountant, why not try doing your own financials?


Business Spreadsheets is an online solution for those looking to keep an eye on their own business finances. The site offers Excel templates and spreadsheet solutions for business finance analysis and reporting. The spreadsheets are designed to provide accurate business mathematics calculation to facilitate accounting and financial analysis reporting.


The site offers a variety of spreadsheets including financial analysis, business valuation, financial accounting, risk analysis, business planning, real estate and loan, and more. Each sheet does the following:


Financial Analysis


This spreadsheet provides calculations and tools for evaluating and optimizing financial strategies with analysis of financial and business metrics.


Business Valuation


This spreadsheet provides a framework for determining the value of financial assets and proposed investments to be applied in mergers and acquisition appraisal, business cases, and methodologies.


Financial Accounting


This will assist with the creation of required and pro formula financial accounting statements for stakeholder and administrative reporting. The statements can help acquire financial help from institutions and loan agencies. To find out more please visit Excel financial analysis templates and solutions


Risk Analysis


Risk analysis is important for any business. This spreadsheet includes probability simulations and volatility assessments. “What if” scenarios can assess the sensitivity of outcomes for businesses and their finances.


Business Planning


This spreadsheet can facilitate business planning by providing a way to project financial data and produce reports for business proposals. This will help refine business plans.


Real Estate and Loan

Need a location or additional funds? This Excel template focuses on financial analysis in real estate and property investment industries and as well as a loan analysis. It can be used for real estate valuation, evaluation of property investments, and mortgage and debt financing assessment.


You can learn more about each type of spreadsheet or began downloading them here.


Take the plunge and learn how to manage the finances of any business without the need for a private accountant. This will not only save your business money, but will also grow your business in ways an accountant can’t.


The spreadsheets are very straightforward and easy to complete without much training. Each Excel document is available for download online. You can check the user rating of each spreadsheet before downloading.


About Business Spreadsheets

Business Spreadsheets is an online template website that provides Excel workbook templates for business financial planning. The site has helped companies such as IBM, Hertz, BP, FedEx, Intel, Target, Yahoo!, and more. The site’s mission is to provide powerful solutions to businesses that can help facilitate growth and efficiency realization for businesses. The spreadsheets are straightforward and easy to complete. For more information, visit Business Spreadsheets online at or follow Business Spreadsheets on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Plus.