rideWe’re living in some incredibly exciting times at the moment; yes, there are some financial difficulties still going on in the world and a lot of current aggression. Here we like to look on the bright side though and we absolutely love how technology has changed the way we now live; it’s made both of our personal and business lives so much more convenient.

Whether you want to book a Taxi to go and watch the latest movie; both of which can be booked at the click of button or perhaps you’re looking for fitness tips. This can all be done from the comfort of your own home and in fact more often than not from your mobile phone. It’s all about disruptive markets and how companies are bringing us services which are better and cheaper. Today we’re going to focus on the grocery delivery market and how it can help you and the Shipt shopper program

On demand shopping is now taking the world by storm; Amazon is pushing forward with futuristic drone deliveries and they also have some great food delivery options. It’s all over the world at the moment and some of the smaller food delivery companies are actually being bought up by the larger conglomerates.



So how does it all work?

  • You prepare your shopping list online with your favourite retailer such as Walmart, Tesco etc. They all have the latest software which allows you to add everything to the cart.
  • You pay for your shopping using one of many secure payment methods such as debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
  • You set your delivery times and any special requests for the delivery.
  • You sit back and wait for your food parcels to arrive.

You think that’s futuristic? Well you should see what some of these companies have planned for the future for this. Soon you fridge and appliances will be connected to the internet of everything which means they will place the delivery automatically for you.



Who is doing this?

There are a multitude of large companies doing this such as Ocado, Amazon, Crunch and Shipt.

Today we’re going to focus on the company that is shipt. They are one of the leaders in this space at the moment. The process is very straightforward.  Once you have signed up as a member then all you need to do is download the Shipt app (iOS, Android, and web), just select your groceries, choose delivery options, and checkout. It’s really as simple as that. They make grocery shopping fast, simple, and convenient.


Of course they also have some great promotions on at the moment and you can get a Shipt coupon code here. Or why not look into getting a Shipt annual membership. They’re making serious waves in the industry and their innovating programme partners with a local community of reliable shoppers. This means they can pick a perfect mango with their eyes closed and navigate 40,000 grocery items faster than you can say “Organic Gluten-free Pastry Flour”.

So there you have it. Streamline your shopping today and get signed up with Shipt.