What are Bespoke Shoes?

Bespoke shoes are custom made pair of shoes – typically a dress style – that is designed and crafted by a cobbler to fit your feet perfectly. Bespoke shoes are extremely comfortable because of their tailored fit, high quality materials, and extremely precise craftsmanship. Bespoke is just an adjective that means custom made, therefore can be used for all other custom made wearable items.



Bespoke shoes have major advantages over off-the-shelf styles, especially when it comes to fit. There are only a handful of standard shoe sizes available to the entire world, but millions of people struggle in finding proper fitting footwear because their length and width is not the standard cookie-cutter size that mass manufacturers are selling. While having a pair of bespoke shoes made comes at a great expense, it could be of great value and relief to someone who cannot find a pair of shoes to keep in their wardrobe for everyday or special occasions.

Secondly, bespoke shoes offer a quality that even some of the best designers do not offer. This is because the shoes will be tailor-made to your foot, style, and liking by a true artist in the trade. Cobblers often have decades of experience backing their shoe-making business, and have great followings to show for it.

The most important aspects of a pair of bespoke shoes are the cobbler who is crafting them, the quality of the materials, the function and comfort of the shoes, and the difference between bespoke shoes and off the shelf styles.

Who is Making Your Shoes?

Bespoke shoes Singapore products are made 100% from scratch for you. Therefore, as with anything, you want to know that the person you are paying a great sum of money is well skilled in the area and has proven their craft time and time again. This is not a pair of shoes that you will wear for a year and throw away. Often times, these shoes can take up to 50 hours of labor and 6 months to be delivered to the customer. When you combine the time you’ll be waiting and money you’ll be spending, you’ll want to have confidence in the cobbler you have chosen to begin this project for you.

Ask your cobbler or designer to view previously designed styles before you choose your new pair of bespoke shoes. You may also bring in pictures to give the cobbler an idea of the shape, colors, and style you are going for, or what suits, outfits, or occasions you would like to wear the shoes with.



What Materials Are Being Used?

The materials used in the creation of bespoke shoes are often supreme quality leathers, rubbers, threads, and glues. Just as the cobbler who will craft your shoes is important, the materials being used must be of the utmost quality to insure the shoes will outlast a standard pair of out-of-the-box shoes. When designing your new pair of bespoke shoes, ask the cobbler to see the leathers and materials he will use to create your shoes. Ask about the different textures available, such as suede or pebbled leather, and consider how that will affect the wearing, staining, and fit. One very important material to consider is the sole. A cobbler will traditionally use a leather sole on a pair of men’s or women’s dress shoes, but you may also request an additional urethane or rubber outsole to prevent immediate wearing of the shoe’s original soles. Be educated about your purchase when looking into bespoke shoes.

Function and Comfort

No one likes to spend a lot of money on something they’ll never use. That’s why when having a pair of bespoke shoes made; you should consider what they will be used for and how frequently you will wear them. While it’s nice to have an exclusive pair of dress or black tie shoes in your closet, will you make enough use out of that style to be worth the money you paid? Additionally, consider that your feet are always changing shape and size year to year. When ordering a pair of bespoke shoes, consider a pair that you will use immediately and consistently to enjoy the craftsmanship while you’re feet are the exact size made for you.

The Bespoke Difference

As previously explained, off-the-shelf shoes are made to fit a particular measurement – length and width for each size. If you are not that size, you may have trouble finding a pair of shoes. The major difference in bespoke shoes Singapore made is having something that doesn’t require you to just fit into a pair of boxed shoes, but rather have a shoe made specifically for your foot. This includes paying attention to you arch length, toe length, heel width, forefoot width, instep height, and more.